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Replacement Roof

Our solutions for replacing your roof.

Conservatory Roof

Looking for a replacement roof for your conservatory? Replacing your roof can have a significant impact on thermal efficiency, ensuring your room is warm, welcoming and bright.

At Reflex Elite, we can offer an affordable solution to replace your roof instead of your entire conservatory. Whether your roof was installed a long time ago or you’ve had issues with the original installation, we can offer you the perfect solution that serves the purpose of your space and meets your exact needs, including high performance glass, solid roofs or even something in-between.

If you’re interested in having a new conservatory roof, contact us now for your free, no obligation quotation and survey.

Tiled Roof

We supply various tiled roofing solutions to suit your extension, conservatory or your orangery. You can choose from three colours of authentic tile to match or co-ordinate with any home and have a choice of modern aluminium capping or traditional tile roof capping.

All our tiled roofs for conservatories, orangeries and extensions are lightweight and durable and can be pre-manufactured to ensure consistent quality with speedy installation to avoid disruption to your home.

To find out more and discuss options, contact Reflex Elite today.

Warm Roof

With any replacement roof, we can offer Warm Roof insulation which allows heat to be conserved within a property without the need of a ventilation system. Commonly accepted as the best roofing solution for our climate in the UK, this thermally efficient and cost-effective warm roofing system is perfect for keeping your conservatory or extension cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
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